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    A very tiny laptop (7-inch)



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    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by cmvrgr on 2017-01-19, 15:16

    Green Potato wrote:
    cmvrgr wrote:
    Green Potato wrote:
    cmvrgr wrote:Without a better cpu/gpu it becomes a handicapped device from the beginning. If you use a cpu with better performance it comes to the tablet laptop area and opens widely to performance computing. That is meaning ability to run heavy apps and games that the atom can not handle even in it's dreams.

    Ok we know that the cost will be higher if you fit an i5 cpu and it will not be capable to use a phone charger like an atom device but a regular power brick but it will transform it to a diffent higher level of productivity or gaming and get great potential.

    Many of us that we bought GPD WIN we are both in umpc and gaming teritory and we have seen that atom has many limitations for work and play. A better GPU and CPU is the compination for sucess for running new games and apps not only the  oldest ones.
    This is not a gaming device ffs. Think before you write.

    Exactly it is not a gaming device - you misunderstood what I wrote - about UMPC usage and running applications and is supposed that GPD Pocket is for professional use and not gaming.

    It needs more powerful CPU/GPU for all of users that they need in a super small form factor device to run Autocad, photoshop and many other heavy Apps. The 7” screen will help running cad and working easier with the 7” screen vs 5.5” of GPD WIN.

    We can have 2 versions. One with atom cpu for light usage and once with a proper intel I5 CPU. There are a lot of business users that they are willing to pay more for a i5 device than atom in that tiny body.

    You will see that if it will be equiped with a better cpu it will sell also more not only to business users but also  to gamers that the 5.5” screen of GPD WIN is very small for many games that have plenty of text and they require a faster CPU. I know GPD is not experienced on non mobile chipsets but this will make the difference !

    I know is not an easy task but from photos and rendering the chassis is big and has the room to accommodate the faster cpu. This forum asks for our opinion buyers of GPD products and now GPD with that product touches business territory not only games and some users should change their way of thinking for that specific device.

    I bought GPD win primary for Business usage and as a UMPC user to replace my vilin N5 and I am serving the Computing industry for more that 25 years.

    I want to help as far as I can GPD because they gave hope to all of us business users to have a tiny windows based pc in our pocket.

    I hope that GPD can benefit from many opinions for professional users not only gamers.
    But what about battery life? And I agree with 2 versions, that's a good idea.

    The i5/i7 version it will have less endurance and it needs at minimum double the capacity. Maybe they will have to make it a bit thicker. WIth the same battery the atom version will have almost the double endurance but 1/3 to 1/4 of performance.

    If they use Kaby Lake the Intel® Core™ i7-7Y75 Processor is in 4.5w is not very far away from Atom (the Intel® Core™ i7-7600U at 15w is but will have real performance for every task).

    The i5 - i7 mobile cpu devices will have as disadvantage that they can not powered by a phones charger and powerbank but this is the only real disadvantage.

    I hope that GPD to discuss it more with all of us before proceding with a device that will not be as succesfull as GPD Win (cause is the only in the market that cover light gamers and UMPC users).


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    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by tnak on 2017-01-19, 18:28

    Two more opinions based on the layout from forum.

    (the difference between the original and the former: swapping menu and right-alt)
    (the difference between the former and the latter:  changing right-ctrl, colon and quote)

    The latter is better.


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    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by tnak on 2017-01-19, 18:52

    To begin with, is this forum an official forum?
    It seems many decisions were still made at forum.


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    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by cmvrgr on 2017-01-19, 20:31

    tnak wrote:To begin with, is this forum an official forum?
    It seems many decisions were still made at forum.
    Thats a good question


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    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by cmvrgr on 2017-01-19, 20:32

    or can use a AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421BD Radeon R7 solution with a faster embedded chipset that outperforms all i5/i7 U (dual core CPUS/GPUS)...

    Gfxbench comparison


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    注册日期 : 2017-01-09

    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by xoru on 2017-01-24, 12:27

    tnak wrote:My idea is simple: keep all character keys typeable

    Better. All normal keys.
    (but still no have PgUp-Down or Home End)
    In my opinion this (not last) post is better.


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    地点 : Long-time die-hard linux user.

    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by speculatrix on 2017-01-29, 22:47

    Why not use an Apollo Lake CPU?
    The N3450 gets favourable reviews here:
    The N4200 is better but then you might get into thermal management problems.

    I'll add my voice and say the nub/joystick needs to be between GH & B. Or, make the cursor keys into a ring with the nub/joystick in the center?

    Rather than try and squeeze in a 4G radio, how about a USB socket in a recess underneath which is the size of a USB thumb drive. That gives it general utility, it could be used for a 4G radio adaptor, a logitech wireless mouse receiver, a thumb drive... anything!
    Most people would probably prefer to have good wifi and bluetooth so they can tether with their phone anyway.

    Dual speakers are a must as are Mini or microHDMI and a microSDHC card slot.


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    注册日期 : 2017-01-30

    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by daich on 2017-01-30, 17:26

    tiny laptops are my weakness and when I read this announcement it couldn't have made me happier!

    I agree with speculartrix that a recessed USB port would be very useful but you'll have to be careful if it is covered with a metal shield. might have to be plastic but it it wouldn't look as good!

    Regarding the mouse nub, the closer the nub is to the centre of the keyboard the better as it is the index finger that uses it and not the thumb so putting it near the space bar is not very friendly.

    I would like to see a display port, micro or mini would be fine.


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    注册日期 : 2017-02-09

    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by opke on 2017-02-09, 23:11

    I've just heard of this amazing device and became fascinated with it! Obviously I'm a member of the "different user groups".

    The machine power seems perfect, especially with Linux system.
    kenya888's concern is right. I hope I will not encounter tiring driver troubles during major upgrade.
    Though the keyboard layout will not meet geeks' highest standards, I think it's good for the tiny size and the price. But I wonder if the device has a middle click button for scrolling (put it instead of Menu or something, combination of right & left click, etc.).

    These are some of my favorite handheld computers for your inspiration (keyboards based on JP layout, not US. They sold only for domestic market)
    Fujitsu LOOX U/C30, my current handheld, equipped with ancient Atom Z520 / 1GB RAM

    Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1, a smartbook with Ubuntu installed

    To the manufacturer: This kind of device is popular in Japan. The potential market is larger than GPD Win's. Please consider receiving radio law certification of Japan (for details ask your certification company).


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    注册日期 : 2017-02-12

    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by belkyros on 2017-02-12, 06:12

    I want spec below.

    Spec Info
    CPU…Intel Atom x7-Z8750
    RAM…PC3-12800 LPDDR3 SDRAM 4GBx2(8GB・DualChannel)
    GPU…Integrated Graphics
    Wifi & Bluetooth Module…Intel AC 8265(PCIe2.0x1 or SDIO 3.0 or HSUART)
    GNSS…Any Chip(HSUART)
    LTE Modem…Intel XMM 7360(USB HSIC or USB SSIC)
    Support LTE Band…1・3・11・18・19・21・26・28・41(2.1GHz・1.8GHz・1.5GHz・800MHz・700MHz)
    SIM…NXP NVT4556(I2C)
    microSDXC UHS-II…Panasonic MN103SW13(PCIe2.0x1)
    NFC(FeliCa Ready)…Intel Wireless-NFC 4000(I2C)
    Audio Codec…Realtek ALC5645(I2S)
    Integrated Display…7inch・1920x1200・60Hz(eDP・I2C(TouchPad))
    Storage…256GB(eMMC v4.51)
    OS…Windows 10 Pro・Xubuntu Studio 16.04 LTS(Dual Boot)

    I/O port
    HDMI(Full Size)…1(Max.3840x2160・30Hz)
    USB3.0 Type-A port…3(1 support OTG)
    microSDXC Slot…1
    nanoSIM Slot(SIM Free)…1
    Audio…3.5mm Headset Jack
    Only Power Supply microUSB…1(Max 5V3A)
    Inter-IC Sound Output Pin header(4pin)…1

    USB Power Supply Adaptor(5V3A)…1
    USB2.0 Type-A to microUSB Cable…1
    USB3.0 Type-A to Type-C Cable…1
    I2S Pin header Cover…1


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    注册日期 : 2017-02-22

    Thumb Shift

    Post by makoy on 2017-02-22, 03:33

    Ikadzuchi wrote:Hello. I'm a Japanese.
    It's very good that there is [-] key on the right place. Very Happy It is vital for Japanese Romaji input.
    But we Japanese needs more keys, namely, [無変換] [変換] [カタカナ/ひらがな] [¥ー] [\ろ]. (plus [半角/全角], which is the same as [`~])
    We need these 5 more keys, at least by [Fn] combination.
    Please include these keys (keys that send the keycodes for these).
    Or instead, if there are many [Fn] combinations which send something different than normal ones, we can edit registory to make them the nessesary keys.
    So, please make as many keys as possible send different keycode (for example numpad keys) with [Fn].

    I also am a Japanese.
    Please provide an option that separated two space key generate a different key code in order that I can use thumb shift key input with free ware. Refer to the follwoing:


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    注册日期 : 2017-04-16

    Minimum features I would like to see before buying

    Post by nocpu on 2017-04-17, 00:25

    What I would like to see as minimum before I buy:

    RAM - 8GB

    Screen -
    None glossy. Reflections are useless, a clear screen is more productive.

    Keyboard - Please consider a professional keyboard such as the 1999 psion 5mx which has very similar dimensions to the GPD Pocket such as this image
    “Chiclet” or “Island style” keyboards are are terrible and slow to type on.

    SD card - Full size, and full recessed so card does not protrude from side. MicroSD cards are not good as all microSD cards over heat when you copy over many files, full size SD cards dont overheat in the same way and are faster. Notice in the image how the card sits flush with the case so it does not get damaged:

    Bios -
    Coreboot. Freedom is important.

    Connectivity - Please consider adding something similar mobile phones like "Screen Mirroring" or "Miracast" etc. This way the user does not have to always carry a HDMI cable to connect to a modern TV or projector. This is useful in a meeting to display reports.

    Sim card slot - Nano-SIM or any kind of sim so mobile data can be used.

    I would pay extra money for a product that had any of these features

    Thank you for not making another apple or microsoft clone.


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    注册日期 : 2017-05-26

    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by madelk on 2017-05-26, 16:10

    I never thought I'd see someone reference Psion again. I loved that little device and I wish the build quality of today's devices came close. The GPD Pocket feels like the closest thing to the Psion 5 I've seen... well maybe forever.


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    注册日期 : 2017-05-29

    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

    Post by mrwili3ds on 2017-05-29, 10:42

    Micro Sd or SD built-in slot... it is possible to make it?

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    Re: A very tiny laptop (7-inch)

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