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    Will GPD WIN benefit from GPD Pocket Linux?



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    Will GPD WIN benefit from GPD Pocket Linux?

    Post by FuLgOrE on 2017-02-20, 01:00

    Dear GPD-Team,

    I saw that the new GPD Pocket is based on a very similar setup like the GPD WIN.
    Is the GPD Pocket also using the INT33FE battery management system, like the GPD WIN?

    I hope that the GPD WIN will benefit from the GPD Pocket Linux production that the linux support will be better.

    So far the most things are working on the GPD WIN (Linux) but the battery indication not. This is a very basic and important function.
    Please don't forget your last customer.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Will GPD WIN benefit from GPD Pocket Linux?

    Post by FuLgOrE on 2017-03-17, 12:17

    Any news about it, dear developers?


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    Re: Will GPD WIN benefit from GPD Pocket Linux?

    Post by squirrel on 2017-03-19, 07:55

    I tried emailing the sales team and the response that I got was that the Linux version that will be installed is a customized Ubuntu with binary drivers.

    They also stated that the binary drivers will work with Kernel version 4.4, so it sounds as if Linux support going forward is not going to be great unless they are willing to release source.

    On the other hand there has been some other projects working on Cherry Trail support in Linux based around Kernel 4.10 (such as and it looks as if there is more support for Cherry Trail under the upcoming 4.11 Kernel.

    That said, I have heard nothing changes to INT33FE battery management system support under Linux. In a laptop, this bit is rather critical.

    As much as I like that they are offering a Linux alternative for their product, the decision to make it rely on binary drivers for one particular kernel version is pretty crippling and I worry about GPD's willingness or ability to maintain driver support for the lifetime of the product.

    As much as I like the look of this product, now that I know the detail I may not be getting one after all.


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    Re: Will GPD WIN benefit from GPD Pocket Linux?

    Post by hansdegoede on 2017-04-01, 15:16

    I've been working lately on making sure Linux works properly with the GPDwin, see:

    This is all mainline / upstream kernel work and includes a working driver for battery monitoring, I expect this work also to benefit people who want to run a standard / mainline kernel on the GPD pocket.

    Note I've starting a new thread on this in the GPDwin forum please post any questions / remarks about my work there:

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    Re: Will GPD WIN benefit from GPD Pocket Linux?

    Post by Sponsored content

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